written by Aurťlie Bridault

Feeling your strength and breathing today despite being lost

In a cell youíre locked away, prisoner until you're dead

Proud, wide eyed

The fear in breast

Wild-looking man

Walking about

Waiting about the grave

Whatever happens there's no way out

Feeling your strength and walking today you're convicted to live in dread

Proud, wide eyed

The angst in chest

Inexorably hours flow, you live on borrowed time

Often you thought to jump the gun but end is now in sight

Feeling your strength when waking today, despite being lost

No chance to make your getaway, slave under sentence of death

Itís haunting you, paralysing your head,

You withdraw into yourself like an animal in pain,

Itís coming up on and on freezing blood in your veins,

The fear of dying

You canít get it out of your mind, completely possessed

Itís cropping up on and on, youíre dreadfully obsessed

About the time to light your last cigarette

About fear of death

Last update : 17th April 2018