written by Aurélie Bridault

When misuse of authority spells the ruin of your hopes

And the obscene punishment falls down with the cops !

A safety match your body lights

The fire of jasmin day... will take you away !

When time of riot strikes to punish the shame

When the fear of marksmen comes and his shadow of death

Start the fight and feel alright

The power of masses who pray... will blow him away !

In your wake, fall today, the breach of trust and decade of lies

In your wake, the weak wake up to free themselves from their chains

In your wake, as real soldiers, the wretched destroy, the wretched destroy

In your wake...

Here comes the action, reaction, remember what you did

'cause of your inaction, your behavior, so many are suffering

Crowd, blows, blood

Storm, worms, blood, cries

Goes into action reaction for end of gloomy years

But for ever, remember, so many are suffering, so many are suffering...

Lies, spies, ties

Worms, blows, blood, cries

Last update : 17th April 2018